Conference Venue


QRS 2024 will be held at Churchill College, University of Cambridge. Churchill College, a constituent college of the prestigious University of Cambridge, holds a distinguished position in the academic landscape. Established in 1958, the college was founded with the vision of supporting postgraduate students in the fields of science and engineering. Named after Sir Winston Churchill, this institution has evolved into a hub of academic excellence and research innovation.

The architectural identity of Churchill College is notable for its modernist style, designed by architects such as Richard Sheppard and John Heywood. Reflecting the post-war era's ideals of progress and innovation, the campus stands as a testament to a forward-looking approach in both academia and architecture.

Academically, Churchill College maintains a strong emphasis on science, engineering, and technology, while also offering a diverse range of courses in humanities and social sciences. The college has garnered a reputation for fostering cutting-edge research and providing a conducive environment for academic growth.

Location of the Conference Venue

Churchill College, University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge, Storey's Way, Cambridge CB3 0DS, United Kingdom